Friday, February 6, 2015

Mad as a Hatter by Catherine Stovall

Madness is a state of frenzied or chaotic activity, and that is what you will find inside the pages of ‘As Mad as a Hatter’. Walk the path of Lady Death, feel the power of freedom, fall in love, and fear the dark corners of the room with these twelve short stories and six poems from Catherine Stovall. What will you find under the top hat?

5 stars

From the very first tale to the last I was hooked. The short stories were beautifully written and never disappointed, the stories either gracefully sweet or devilishly divine. Catherine Stovall did an amazing job portraying emotions and characters that make this collection a must read. My favourite tale is the first one, Lady Death Comes To Call. I love winter and this story shows just how beautiful the season can be with a twist of whimsy. The author painted a picture that took my breath away in such a simple manner and the added tension and suspense was the extra element that made this my favourite. There are also tales of blood and darkness that will be perfect for readers that prefer some horror in their lives, like The Queen's Art which made me cringe but not stop reading. All in all, Catherine Stovall did an excellent job and I recommend this to anyone who loves to read something about everything.
Catherine Stovall is the author of Faire Eve, The Requiem of Humanity Series, and the short story, Fearful Day. Upcoming publications for 2013 include Bloody Freedom (Broken Mirrors, Fractured Minds Anthology) Condemned to Die (short story), Arcana: The Maiden (full length), Eternity: Requiem of Humanity Series: Book Three (full length), and Drift Back Home (short story).

Stovall is a member of the International Thriller Writers & The Fictioneers. She also enjoys working with other independent authors to spread awareness and to build a better indie community.

Catherine is a fearless creature who surrounds herself with the joys of life both in and out of her fictional worlds. She lives in Southeast Missouri with her husband, three children, and pets. When not writing, she spends her time riding motorcycles, wearing elaborate hats, and genuinely enjoying the oddities in life.
Make sure to visit Catherine and learn about all of her other amazing books

Friday, January 16, 2015

Phantom 2.0 by Leah D.W.

It is finally here! My novel is LIVE!! A big thank you to my amazing publishers that made this dream come true after I have worked so much on it. Also a big thanks to my friends and family that have supported me since the day I decided that writing would be my passion at age 13.



“I am a phantom. Barely human with the duty to get rid of the possessed. That is why beings like me were created, why we were bred

In a dying city filled with a deadly plague and even deadlier creatures, Déjà hides from a past drenched in blood and the only family she has ever known. She hates what she is and her cravings to spill fresh blood drives her away from anyone that gets too close. Living out her life wearing lace corsets and working in an underground nightclub keeps her secret from hurting others, until a bounty is placed on her head by a mystery benefactor.

Now she is stalked by an assassin that threatens to steal her heart and discovering a family of powerful beings that hold the key to her past, Déjà has no choice but to embrace what she truly is in order to battle the secrets that the city holds within its shadows.
Kyra isn’t waiting for me outside the building. I look up and down the alley but there is no sign of the dog anywhere. My dagger is back in my boot, still slick with blood, and so are my hands. I hear a cough and quickly start running. Trying to find a giant dog has never been a problem for me before, yet Kyra disappeared into thin air.
In my hurry I trip over an extended leg and fall with my face planted in grime. I taste the city, filth between my teeth and rot rolling down my tongue. Gaging, my heart gives a heavy beat as I quickly get onto all fours, spitting and choking, and don’t see the leg heading my way.
A foot cracks a rib and I tumble to the ground, wetness soaking my hair as I lie there staring up at two men with white blank eyes. They are smiling, one missing a few teeth and the other with a scar down the side of his ruddy face.
Toothless kicks out again, this time smacking me across the face and sending me back down again. His friend grabs a handful of my hair and yanks me up onto my feet. I cry out as they stare into my face, smiles even wider.
“Pay up!” toothless laughs. “Told you she was a muncher.”
“How should I know the difference, ey?” his friend grumbles, digging out coins from a pocket in his ratty old coat. “She looks human! That bet was unfair.”
“A bet is still a bet even if you are an idiot,” toothless laughs harder, tucking the coins into his own pocket. “Now it is dinner time!”
I swing out a punch and toothless smacks my hand away. His friend pulls harder on my hair and I bite down on my lip to keep myself from screaming as I feel the crack in my rib ache sharply. I can’t draw any attention to us; three possessed in one area is a rarity so there could be more hiding in the shadows.
White eyes peer close to my face as toothless gives me a sniff. “This one is older than I like.”
“Don’t be picky,” the other says. “This is the first one I have seen in years!”
“Too bad for you,” I say as I kick out and yank my hair free.
Toothless grunts. Quickly reaching down, I pull out my dagger and point it at them, stepping back cautiously as they stare at me. Toothless looks at his friend then back at me.
“Seriously?” he arches a brow. “You think you scare us?”
“Well,” I look between the two of them. “Don’t I?”
They burst out laughing and my cheeks heat up. When I see toothless double over, wiping at his eyes, I ball my hands and let my dagger fly. The blade sinks into soft flesh and scar face cries out. He pulls the dagger out from above his collar bone and throws it to the ground. Blood seeps out bright red and my eyes latch onto it hungrily. My heart beat slows. I blink.
Jumping forward and grabbing his hair, I slam his face into my knee. When he is down I turn to toothless and swing my leg up to connect my boot to his jaw.
Both are down on the ground and I pick up my dagger to point it at them again. They aren’t laughing this time. Their wide blank eyes watch me closely, mouths turned down in disgust and blood still painted across their filthy skin.
“So,” I brush hair from my eyes. “Are you scared now?”
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Unleashed Poems by Jennifer Raygoza

~ I received a free copy of this book for an honest review ~
Amazing! I really loved reading this collection of poems and they are perfect for any reader of any age. Jennifer Raygoza is a great author and one to watch for.
5 out of 5 stars

This collection of heart-tearing, eye blinking poems was amazing to read. The raw emotion splashed across those pages was truly felt and many reminded me of experiences throughout my life where I felt the same. Many teenagers go through hard times and these poems are their voices, a way for readers to see that being young isn't just about having fun and laughing. There are also dark days that they keep hidden and I'm sure many will be able to relate to these tales.

The author used beautiful imagery and metaphors that delivered her messages effortlessly and shows how talented she is.

My favourite poems were Scars and Don't Hurt Me. Those poems will always stay with me and are definitely a must-read.

If you loved these poems then make sure to read The Guardians series also available on Amazon and to find her on Facebook:

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Phantom 2.0 release day party!

My latest novel is almost ready to be released and of course we must celebrate with a great party!

On the 16th of January 2015 (release day) I, Candy and awesome reviewer Hayley will be hosting a fun party on Facebook. There will be treats for everyone (yes, that does mean chocolate galore), music to set the mood for a paranormal novel filled with mysteries, fun games where you can win lots of prizes from authors all around, including ebook copies of Phantom 2.0 from me, aaaaaand there will be two guest appearances from the characters in the book!

I also plan to have a treat for the vampire fans out there. During the end of the party I will reveal a sneak peek for the next novel coming out from me and CHBB, perfect to sink your teeth into.

Everyone is invited and bring a friend along that is also a huge reading fanatic. Don't be shy to ask me questions or to start dancing.

link to the party:

Phantom 2.0 also has a Thunderclap to help promote it on release day, so if you have Thunderclap as well please help support it and tell your friends. It already received a lot of support from readers and authors which is amazing. Thanks to everyone for helping and spreading the love for my novel.

Link to Thunderclap:

Also a BIG thank you to Candy, my admin and beta reader, for all of your support and spreading the word about my novels like wild fire :) as well as talking to me whenever I need advice on my writing and more.

Thank you to Hayley for helping to host the party and being patient with me with reviews.

I can't wait for the 16th and hope to see you all there!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Insane by H.G. Lynch book blitz

Insane by H.G. Lynch

Genre: Dark Fantasy/ Horror Romance
Something evil is going on in the Montgomery Psychiatric Hospital; every time there is an unexplainable blackout, a patient dies. 
Callie isn’t insane – she sees the ghost of her dead best friend only because he really is there. It’s just that nobody believes her. 
Casey is scarred after a horrific attack during which he killed someone. Temporary insanity was his plea, and the asylum is his prison. 
With fear and death lurking everywhere, and no way to escape, Callie is certain it’s only a matter of time before she or Casey, the odd boy she has an inexplicable link with, becomes the next victim of the creature in the shadows. 
Trapped in the asylum with a killer on the loose, there’s plenty of reason to be afraid of the dark.
Excerpt from the book: 
Chapter One
** Callie **
“Let me go! Let go of me! I’m not crazy! I’m not fucking crazy!” I screamed, thrashing against the guards as they half-dragged and half-carried me down the pale, sterile hallway. I bit fingers and kicked shins and scratched arms, I spat and snarled and cursed, I screamed so loud I hurt my own ears and scared the hell out of half the other patients in the building. And still, the guards thrust me into a dark little room and slammed the metal door behind me, locking me in…
It wasn’t the first time I’d tried to escape, nor the first time I’d been caught. But this time was the closest I’d gotten to freedom, and to be thrown back into the tiny, dull, lifeless room I’d been inhabiting for nearly three months, to be ten feet from fresh air and grass and a world without bars on the windows and a schedule for every moment outside my room, and then be forced back into a prison – it was maddening.
But then, that was the thing about the Montgomery Psychiatric Hospital; if you weren’t already mad when you went in, you sure would be after a few months.
I slumped onto the floor and stared at the door, not sure whether to cry or try to rip the door off its hinges. I forced my mind to go blank, because at least if I didn’t think about how painfully close I’d come to finally getting out of here, I could perhaps retain what was left of my dwindling sanity. If I thought about how I’d been close enough to see the huge, wrought iron gates at the end of the gravel driveway through the glass doors, I’d probably lose it for good, and then I’d actually deserve to be here.
For now, I was sane.
It was just that nobody believed me.
They said I was crazy. That I was a danger to myself and possibly to others. That I was delusional, paranoid, disturbed. That I heard voices.
Well. That much was true. I did hear voices. Actually, only one voice.
“Failed again, sweetheart. Nice try, though,” said the voice that nobody else could hear. It was a voice I knew all too well – a voice I’d known since I was seven years old.
I tore my gaze off the door, and turned to see him. He was sitting on the bed, looking as real as he had the day he’d died. Silky brown curls, pouty lips, and hazel eyes. Silver hoop earring in one ear, ragged jeans with holes in the knees, and a sleeveless dark blue shirt that exposed the pentagram tattoo on his left bicep. Overall, gorgeous. And absolutely, unequivocally dead as a doornail.
I sighed and grimaced at the ghost of my dead best friend. “Shut up, Chester.”
He folded his hands over his heart, pretending to be injured – which would have been a lot funnier if his heart was still beating. “Aw, don’t be like that, Cal. I’m sure you’ll make it next time.”
“You said that last time.”
“Did I?” He frowned and scratched the back of his head. “Well, I guess I was wrong then.”
I snorted. “Yeah, that’s really reassuring.”
Twitter: @HGLynch
About the Author: 
I’m H.G. Lynch, a Scottish Paranormal Romance author, avid readers, and cat-lover. I spend most of my days writing, while wrestling my cat, Sooki, off my laptop. I believe that chocolate cake can save the world, and I am highly caffeine-addicted. I can occasionally be found rolling on the floor, laughing manically, when I’ve consumed too much caffeine. I love horse-riding, Star Trek, and snow. 
My books are dark fantasy romances, usually with a bad boy and a bad girl. Sometimes with zombies, sometimes vampires, sometimes other things. Enjoy!
This book sounds like a must read and don't forget to enter the awesome giveaway!
The Giveaway: 
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Cover reveal for Phantom 2.0 by Leah D.W.

Releasing on the 16th of January 2015 is a YA paranormal novel by Leah D.W. that is perfect for readers with a taste for the dark and dangerous. Enter a world overrun by unstable magic and creatures from the depths of the Earth.

I spent a year working on this novel and soon it will be live! It took a lot of revising and re-planning, especially when the first time I fully finished writing it my laptop was stolen before I could save it. I was forced to either give up or rewrite the entire thing from memory and the rushes notes in several notebooks. I love the characters so much that I just couldn't give up on them, so I sat down and started it once again. This novel truly was my baby and I can't wait to share it with readers who enjoy YA novels with elements of the supernatural, some laughs and of course a certain sexy assassin that has become my book boyfriend.

So here is the cover reveal. Let me know in the comments what you think or visit my author page on FB where you can learn more about this world I have created. The awesome cover that I absolutely LOVE was created by Rue Volley, an amazing writer and designer from CHBB that has recently become my role model. A huge thank you Rue, the cover really is AWESOME :)

Phantom 2.0 by Leah D.W.
Releasing 16 January 2015 by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing
Genre: YA paranormal


“I am a phantom. Barely human with the duty to get rid of the possessed. That is why beings like me were created, why we were bred
In a dying city filled with a deadly plague and even deadlier creatures, Déjà hides from a past drenched in blood and the only family she has ever known. She hates what she is and her cravings to spill fresh blood drives her away from anyone that gets too close. Living out her life wearing lace corsets and working in an underground nightclub keeps her secret from hurting others, until a bounty is placed on her head by a mystery benefactor.
Now she is stalked by an assassin that threatens to steal her heart and discovering a family of powerful beings that hold the key to her past, Déjà has no choice but to embrace what she truly is in order to battle the secrets that the city holds within its shadows.

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1 000 likes Giveaway

I am celebrating my author page on Facebook reaching over 1 000 likes. I am amazed at the support I have been receiving from readers, writers and more. A big thank you to all of the authors who donated prizes and made this giveaway happen. Also a HUGE thank you to Candy, my fellow page admin for all of her support and help, especially when I am away and can't be online.

There is a Rafflecopter giveaway on my Facebook page starting now until the 11th of May, so make sure to enter it to stand a chance of winning many amazing book prizes, there is even a signed paperback and a $5 gift card up for grabs!

At the end of this week, on the 10th of May, we are going to party! Join me and my admins for a fun-filled day with games, paranormal craziness and guest appearances from a few interesting characters. Spread the word and join in on the fun!

All are welcome to take part :)

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