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About the Author –

Proud chocoholic and book hoarder, I am an author from South Africa with the love for writing that brings monsters and magic to life between book pages. With a journalism degree under my belt and having an obsession with Greek Mythology, I am also a Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly author. I love to read and write about the paranormal and help other authors through free promotion on my social media, from blog spots to reviews.

~ From my imaginations ~

Short stories I have written:
 ~ Watery Grave (Wonderstruck anthology)
 ~ an Eve to Forget (Dark Light Four anthology)
 ~ Darkest Rose (Becoming Strange anthology)
 ~ Frosted Hearts (Fractured Fairy Tales anthology)
 ~ The Devil's Belt (Unhappily Ever After anthology)

 ~ Phantom 2.0 (YA paranormal romance)

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