Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Runaway's Secret

my upcoming novel! so exciting :) here is the blurb and cover of it. Leave a comment if you think you would be interested in reading it some time. It will be out soon (date not set yet) on Amazon and other sites in ebook form and later in print. WOOT! take a look!


Running from the past…
Running from myself….
To protect those you love, some secrets should never come to light.
My life changed the night I became the same monster I had been forced to serve all my human years. As a fanged freak, I took to running away from my troubles rather than facing them head-on.
I should have kept running...
My world turned upside down once more when I met Solomon. He promised that I would be safe locked up in a fancy academy filled with supernatural creatures just like me. He promised that I had nothing to fear.
If only that had been true.
How long before the nightmares catch up to me? I’d hated myself for the monster that I’d become and the life I had been forced to leave behind. Sometimes I wished that she would find and kill me, ending this nightmarish existence, but that would mean leaving everyone I had come to know and love as well. Could I possibly do that?
...time is running out, I must make a choice.
...until then, I must keep running.
...must become the monster even I have come to fear.


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