Monday, September 30, 2013

Silver Lining

So recently my house was broken into and my laptop was stolen. I had made the terrible mistake of not having backups of all my work and so the robber stole my laptop that contained ALL of my written work since I was 12 years old.
I never thought that I could feel so...numb.
At first I went through those known five stages of loss or grief. I couldn’t believe it and thought that the culprit would be right outside. I would have tackled said person to the ground like a wild child! But the robber was long gone and left behind a broken front door and my broken heart.
The worst part was the depression and anger. I mostly anger at myself for leaving my laptop just sitting there! I should have made sure to stash it in my room or keep it close by and in sight, but I mean why would I have thought like that? I was in my home! A place where I felt safest and where nothing bad could happen to me. I never would have thought that someone, some stranger from the outside that didn’t know me at all, would break the lock on the door using a shovel and walk right in to grab whatever the person wanted.
The robber took four laptops and an assortment of other digital devices. The other worst part? We were home! We were having a get together with about 12 people in the house! Because of the music and loud chatter we weren’t able to hear the snap of wood by the front door and the falling of items as the person trashed my brother’s room.
I feel unsafe now and violated.
My work is gone, part of my soul is just gone.
But thanks to the support from family, friends and fans I am slowly pulling myself back together. It is just ridiculous that I have to rewrite so much work. I had just completed a novel of 80 000 words and was half way with a novella of 30 000 words. Really, it is a good thing I love writing otherwise I would just give up!
The thing I wanted to point out here is that please everyone and all authors make sure to back up your work because this kind of heartache is terrible and, like I have recently discovered, don’t give up.
I was so close to doing that but I refuse to give in to the crime of this country. Like my cousin and sister said, my stories are still with me and after I am feeling better I will be able to write again and maybe even make the stories better.
I never knew I could be so strong when I have this void in my life now. I will continue writing, it is my passion and hey, it will be OK.
I am just thankful that nobody got hurt. I thought my work was the most important thing in my life but actually it is my family and friends. If I had lost them I would defs have given up on everything.
Thank you to everyone and thank you God for protecting us in a situation that could have turned for the worst. Here is a quote that suddenly appeared on my FB after the incident and I was crying my eyes out:
“God may let you bend, but He won’t let you break”

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